Beachin' Sun Beds

Platinum sun bed


This bed is a UVA Sunbed. Which means you receive a deeper and longer lasting tan. When you use this bed you get to your tan in a fraction of the time without the chance of burning. At 18,150 Watts it is the strongest bed in the tanning industry.


At 10,000 watts the gold gives you a dark and lasting tan in 12 minutes. If you like a warm and strong sun bed, the Gold will not disappoint.

Gold Stand Up

For stand up lovers, this 9600 Watt stand up is a quick 9 minute maximum session. You definitely get that immediate deep tan.


This 9180 Watt sun bed comes equipped with Air condition. This keeps the bed at room temperature for tanners that don’t like the heat during their session. You’ll still achieve that great tan in 12 minutes.


At 6800 watts, Beachin’ tan raises the bar with our entry level bed offering a level 3 as a starter bed instead of a level 1 like other salons. It’s a 15 minute max session bed, if you like quick results, a warm bed and deep tan this is a great way to start.

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